End Client Welsh Assembly Government (DECELLS & DTI). Technical & Project Management Support, Appointment via Client: BIC-Innovation Ltd Advanced Materials & Manufacturing Centre, Broughton, Flintshire. The Welsh Assembly Government commissioned BIC-Innovation Ltd to undertake a detailed project assessment and report following on from an earlier report in 2008 to further define the needs, aims and objectives of a project to support the creation of an Advanced Materials & Manufacturing Centre in the vicinity of Broughton in Flintshire. The Welsh Assembly Governments' internal project management team drew staff resources from both DECELLS (responsible for higher education) and DTI (responsible for industry and technology) and also from their regional business support and development teams. The end client team consisted of approximately 8 staff with 2 of that team acting as the principal project sponsors responsible to their appropriate Minister in the Welsh Assembly Government. The BIC-Innovation project team consisted of 5 staff wherein my role was to support the team generally and in particular to assess and report on matters related to the actually physical facilities required to implement the project.   Business Consultancy Case Studies Following the collection of the stakeholder information and potential sites information a set of project options were developed and appraised. This included the development of initial design layout options, area appraisals and cost estimates of the various options and included scheduling an assessment of potential programmes to deliver the project. The report is to be used to brief the Ministers and their technical teams on the viability and development options available to them at this time. The project as currently envisaged will be developed on a multi-site basis and will involve six elements or sub projects and is estimated to cost in the order of £46million. Throughout the process there have been a series of reporting sessions where project progress has been presented in both formally and informally to the project sponsors and their respective teams.