Food Industry Capability Statement Philip Jones has, for 26 years, primarily operated in multi-discipline Engineering & Design Consultancies in Wales and the South West of England in the fields of Industrial, Commercial and Local Authority developments. The Industrial field includes the Food, Chemical and Pharmaceutical sectors. Philip has a multi-discipline approach and as such has the capability to undertake projects within the Food and Related Industries from the initial conception through to commissioning. The Total Project Management Service offered is as follows: Initial feasibility study to produce general arrangements and estimated costings which can be used by the Clients’ financial advisors to assess the viability of a project. Preparation of documentation for inclusion with applications for Grant Aid Funding. Detailed designs including initial product / personnel / vehicle / packaging flow routes, building designs, services designs. Specification and design of surface finishes, and cleaning systems (high/low pressure, hot/cold, clean-in- place (CIP) to comply with EU Licensing Directives for the production of red meat products, dairy products, ready cooked meals, etc. Planning and Building Regulation Control Submissions. Liaison with Local Authority EHO, Defra, Statutory Undertakings, Fire Prevention Officers. Preparation of tender documentation including Specifications, Contract Conditions, Bills of Quantity. Tender Appraisal Contract Supervision and Administration. Commissioning Liaison with Specialist food production and handling plant manufacturers The services can be tailored to the particular requirements of the Client or their project procurement method. Projects have been successfully carried out under traditional Engineer / Client agreements or under Design & Build (D&B) where novation to a contractor has been agreed for the duration of the project. Further services available to clients are HAZOP=s and HAZAN=s risk analysis appraisals together with HACCP  (Hazard analysis, critical control point) studies. In particular, the workload associated with the Food Industry has continued from the early 1980s when Philip was involved in the design and project management of the first EU approved Food Factory in Wales. Since then Philip has been involved with a large number of food related projects throughout Wales and England, including: Further EU Approved new build and refurbishment developments Upgrading and new build to EU standards at a number of abattoirs and red meat handling plants. New build yoghurt manufacturing units. Assistance to design and to obtain DEFRA approval for Chinese ready meal production premises. Conversion of a vehicle maintenance depot to provide butter blending facility. Conversion of a warehouse to provide an EU approved ham processing facility. A green field development in Hampshire to provide an ambient warehouse, distribution, and bacon, red meat and poultry processing facility. Experience on numerous projects has resulted in Philip being fully conversant with interpretation of the relevant EU Directives and USDA Standards, as well as the specific requirements of major UK retailers. Philip has worked closely with Economic Development and Strategic Planning Officers within a number of Local Authorities in order to identify the specific requirements and suitable site locations for potential tenants or developers operating within the food industry. Feasibility studies, including estimations of building and infrastructure costs, have been prepared for use by Food Industry Clients in support of business plans, grant and funding applications. Food Industry Capability Statement
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