Quality Management Systems Services & Approach Consultancy Services with regards to Preparation of a Quality Management System To ISO 9001 (2008) Project 66 Consultancy Services Limited is a Consultancy with offices based in Swansea in South West Wales. Philip Jones Director of Project 66 Consultancy Services Ltd has been involved in the design, development, operation and implementation of Quality Management Systems in numerous professional consultancies, and in manufacturing environments. Project 66 Consultancy Services Ltd provides Business consultancy to both Public bodies, Corporate and Private Clientele and has established a reputation for the provision of a high quality service. Methodology / Approach Project 66 offers to undertake the following services on behalf of its clients: Business Review / Assessment of existing business provision and processes. Identify current processes and the systems in place to control and record those processes. Review staff experience and familiarity with Quality Management Systems. Design a Quality Management System to suit the particular requirements of the Clients Company meeting both the current and planned business needs. This QMS must conform to the requirements of ISO 9001 and be in such a format as to facilitate accreditation. In conjunction with the clients’ directors and nominated staff agree the scope of any procedural changes or new procedures required to meet the requirements of ISO 9001. Advise the client of the requirements of written procedures in the formation of a Quality Manual Assist in the writing of procedures. Provide appropriate training and guidance to the client with regards to those processes. In conjunction with the clients’ directors and nominated staff agree a “Programme” of actions and a reasonable timescale for fully implementing those actions. Review the implementation process and highlight any non-conformity in procedures and the operation of the QMS. Assist in the imposition of any necessary improvements. Make all necessary preparations for the formal accreditation process to commence. Conduct a full internal audit of the system Attend the certification meeting with the independent assessor. Methodology Our method of delivery requires the clients’ staff to be empowered to act, it is important that sufficient effort and resource is allocated to the process by the client for this to be a purposeful and beneficial experience. We will need to work with staff at all office locations to ensure that the QMS is formulated to answer all of the clients’ needs. BS ISO 9001 QMS Services & Approach