End Client Welsh Assembly Government (DECELLS & DTI). Technical & Project Management Support, Appointment via Client: BIC-Innovation Ltd Advanced Materials & Manufacturing Centre, Broughton, Flintshire. Detailed assessments of sites and locations were made with a view to assessing their suitability using the following criteria as an initial basis: Location issues - Site Size  - initial requirement verses final long term requirement - Site Style - campus verses industrial - Infra-structure - adequacy - Site Status / development availability / timescales - BREEAM Scoring issues including; 1) Transport strategy, 2) Travel Plans, 3) Brown field / Green field, 4) Orientation, 5) Flooding, 6) Drainage, 7) Ecology restraints / opportunities, 8) WAG Carbon Neutral agenda? etc - Landmark / Iconic Structure - Accessibility - Planning Constraints - Car parking - Size of vehicular access - proto-types / transportation - Security - Ownership - Travel Times to principal stakeholders partners  / users - Particular site issues - ground conditions etc Operational issues - Who will run it? - Single Site delivery - long term? - Multiple Site delivery - short term? Miscellaneous - Procurement Route? - Does it answer any other perceived needs generally in the locality?   Technical Process
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